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Why You Should Have More Video Content on Social Media

According to a recent study, 500 million social media users watch Facebook videos every day. As of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook has 2.38 billion users, so that is a pretty impressive margin. Marketers are not unaware of this trend either, and are taking advantage of video to publish content that their target audience finds valuable. 

But let’s be honest with ourselves – Facebook is overrun with content, a lot of which brings no value and get’s glazed over by users. In order to stand out on a congested feed, it’s essential to create video content that is fresh and engaging. So, how do you do that? We have a few tips to help you start making attention-grabbing videos. 

  1. Set an Objective. As with all your social media content, you should have an overarching strategy guiding your posts (Need a little more help with that? We tackled strategy in a previous blog post, here.). What do you want your video to say? Create a structure first, and then let creativity flow from there. Just remember, always keep your target demographic in mind. 
  2. Keep it Short. Short, sweet and to-the-point. While video viewership on Facebook is on the rise, longer-form videos are better suited for platforms like YouTube. Keeping Facebook videos under a couple minutes is more likely to keep your audience engaged. 
  3. Don’t Make it Harder Than it Needs to Be. Thanks to apps like Promo or Adobe Spark, everyone can create professional video content on the fly. With the right message, creative copy and a little fun, you can make a stand-out video on a budget. Don’t overthink the video-making process, and instead focus on the strategy and message. 
  4. Set a Budget. Facebook makes it easy for advertisers to turn their video content into targeted ads. Your video budget doesn’t need to be aggressively high to reach viewers, it instead should reach the right demographic and area (psst, we’re really good at that!). 
  5. Utilize the Captions. A mistake marketers often make with videos is repeating the video copy in the caption. By doing this, you’re missing out on potential brand education. Use the video copy to grab the user’s eye and get a simple message across – videos that are too wordy often lose viewership. Use the caption to drill down into the details, hit your message home and of course, link back to your website.

The next time you’re sitting down to craft your social media strategy, consider working in some video content. If you are already stretched too thin and creating video seems out of the question, you know where to find us. Our team of digital marketing experts is specially trained in video optimized for social media.  Check out our YouTube Channel here.

Did you try out any of the tips we mentioned? Let us know in the comments!  

Digital Auditing: Take a Magnifying Glass to your Digital Presence

When you hear the word “audit,” you probably think about taxes and the IRS. We are talking about auditing your digital marketing presence. In order to build a successful, impactful strategy, you have to know where you stand, right? Taking a microscope to your own digital presence can help you build out effective sales funnelsand improve areas of weakness. Having a stellar digital presence doesn’t just impact your social media engagement, but it also impacts your bottom line. If built correctly, your web presence should do a majority of your selling for you!

Auditing of your digital marketing looks at many components of your web presence,from content, web errors, site speed, negative reviews, out of date information, and much more.To complete a comprehensive digital audit, we recommend taking a deep dive into the following areas:

1.Website. This is a broad bullet. Your website is your homebase for so much of your business –it is where people learn about you and your services before they ever step foot in your doors. While assessing your website functionality can be intimidating, we try to boil it down to these main areas for review: speed, content and site errors, search engineoptimization(SEO)rankingfor each page, image size/quality and URL quality.All these factors and more can greatly influence how your website performs on both desktop and mobile, and where you rank on search engines.

2.Competition Analysis.Understanding how you stack up digitally against your competition is critical. Yes, you may have more experience, better quality products, and many other pros, but if you aren’t marketing that well enough online, consumers won’t know that. Research and review internet search rankings,and what forms of marketing your competitorsare using whether its successfullyor unsuccessfully.

3.Reputation Management. You need to know what people are saying about you online, because potentialcustomers will absolutely seek it out. Take adeep look at your overall presence on the weband dig through any websites that have reviews (i.e. Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.). If you do find some not-so-flattering recent reviews, don’t just ignore it…respond! Take the time to develop a public response, and reach out to that customer privately as well, if you can. In addition to getting a handle on reviews, make sure that your information on third party sites is correct. We commonly see old addresses, phonenumbers or website links attached to business listings.

4.Social Media. At Lane Digital, we love utilizing social media for business and understand the potential it has to make or break a digital imprint! To audit your social media, we recommend an extensive look at all social media profiles. This includesinformation accuracy,analyzingthe current strategy(if you have one), contentquality, engagement, ads, targeting, and overall aesthetic.

5.Digital ads. Last but certainly not least, a deep analysis and evaluation of current digital advertising campaigns is critical for a comprehensive audit. Take a look at which ads where successful, which weren’t, and make notes as to why. Are the ads hitting your target audiences? Are they within the correct location range? Could you increase your per-click spend to secure a higher ranking? All these questions will help you paint a picture of your digital ad strategy, and therefore your overall web presence.

If conducting an audit on your own just isn’t realistic, we offer comprehensive digital presence audits for $250 refunded completely when you sign up for any monthly service. Email for details.

Yes, You Really Do Need a Social Media Strategy

If you are a business looking to grow, you should be planning every post. If you have your own Facebook or Instagram account, it’s probably filled with photos of your kids, dogs or friends. When you go to share pictures from your weekend at Disneyworld for your son’s birthday, you probably aren’t analyzing the caption, checking the hashtags or making sure the look and feel aligns with your feed “aesthetic.”

While social media is an amazing tool for personally connecting with friends and family near and far, it is also a critical business tool that shouldn’t be discounted. According to Global Web Index, more than one in three Internet users say they go to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product. While having a social media strategy is incredibly important, it doesn’t need to be scary, and it doesn’t need to take away from your brand’s authenticity. Here are five tips for developing a successful social media strategy.

1.Identify your audience. As you’ve developed your business, you probably already have a good handle on who your audience is, and what draws them to your service or product. Put your audience into defined buckets that you can target with your social media posts. For example, if your audience consists of parents, students and community leaders, define those audiences and rotate who you are speaking toin your posts. This will increase the impact and likelihood of engagement.

2.Set content goals. Not every post should have the same end goal. Outline a few different topics for your social media posts. For example, maybe some of your posts aim to educate your audience on your mission, while others are more geared towards showcasing the price benefits of your offerings versus your competitors. List out at least five different content goals and rotate them in your post strategy.

3.Tap into your community. In today’s saturated market, consumers highly value a brand that is involved locally. Use your social media platforms to promote community events and engage with local initiatives. Not only will this show that your business values community, but you may reach locals who otherwise may not have found your profile.

4.Mix up your content. Your social media feed shouldn’t be one-note. If it is, you’re at risk of losing followers and business. Rotate between different types of content–such as videos, photos and graphics–to keep your audience interested. Thanks to apps like Promo and Canva, you can create engaging, unique content on the fly.

5.Make it you! This is our final tip, and probably the most important. At your next office event, snap some photos and share them. Share recent reviews. Post a volunteer outing you went on. Engage with followers in the comments. After all, you can’t have social media without “social.” Consumers want to know that you are a business built by real people, not just a robotic brand guide. One great example of a brand that uses playful humor to connect with social media users is Netflix.

Overall, having a well-thought-out social media strategy will not only gain you more followers and increase your likes, but it will drive your target audiences to your business. If properly leveraged, social media can be a key player in growth and long-term success.

If you are looking for someone who can take social media off your plate so you can focus on business growth, let us #handlethehassle. We are a team of experience digital marketing experts who know a thing or two about social media, and we’re here to help. Contact us at

Cook Children’s Christmas in July | Summer Benefit | Stirr. Dallas, TX. | July 12, 2018.

A hot summers evening with scattered showers did not stop over 300 attendees from supporting such a great event.  We were proud to be in attendance of the Cook Children’s Christmas in July Benefit; An exclusive cocktail event hosted by Concierge Magazine in the private Pearl Room of Stirr Dallas, Thursday, July 12th at 7pm. The event brought in a literal truckload of gifts to be donated in benefit of Cook’s Children’s Hospital located in Fort Worth, TX.


“STIRR is truly an approachable neighborhood restaurant and bar, suitable for all of life’s gatherings;” A line featured on the venues website and it did not disappoint.. Located in funky Dallas neighborhood ofDeep Ellum, Stirr has a trendy but upscale feel topped off literally with a rooftop bar overlooking Downtown Dallas. Stirr played host Friday night to Dallas elite, professionals and friends who mingled and enjoyed freshly prepared cocktails and expertly crafted recipes.

This event made possible by Concierge Magazine and many sponsors including..

Aluxa Homes – North Texas
Akyzen IT Solutions
Texas Title
Ultimate Choice Roofing
Lure Studios
Goosehead Insurance
Evan Hamel
Focus Real Estate Inspection
HydroPros IV Hydration Specialists
Bella Modeling School


LSU Alumni- Dallas | 38th Annual Crawfish Boil | Lava Cantina. The Colony, Texas. | Saturday, April 28, 2018.

For 38 years, members of the LSU Alumni Association Dallas Chapter have gathered for our annual crawfish boil, in typical Louisiana style. Family crawfish boils are something of a hallowed tradition in Louisiana. Our alumni and friends know there is no better way to celebrate our LSU family than to get together for some music, games, and good eatin’.

The annual crawfish boil is the biggest fundraiser for the Dallas Alumni Chapter, and the money raised supports our scholarship program. Each year, the Dallas chapter awards 4 four-year scholarships to high school seniors from the Dallas area who plan to attend our beloved university. Our crawfish boil is a party with a purpose! 

The 38th annual crawfish boil was an absolute gorgeous day in North Texas at Lava Cantina. The party featured amazing eats, live entertainment, games and faceprinting for the kids as well as live & silent auctions and merchandise sales!

We, Lane Digital were honored sponsor and be the official event photographer at such a great event! We hope you enjoy the images!

Love LSU? Become a member of the LSU | Alumni -Dallas here

  More images below. keep Scrolling

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors that made the 38th Annual Crawfish Boil possible! 50K was raised to benefit scholarships for LSU Alumni-Dallas


GOLD Sponsors

Tiger People tshirts

Eyecon Video Productions video production

1 on 1 Creative all creative and marketing services

PURPLE Sponsors 

Raising Canes Fried Chicken food

CORE Hydration water

Abita – beer

Coors Light – beer

RED STICK Sponsors
Social Life Photo Booth – digital photo booth

TIGER Sponsors

Big Game USA gameday footballs, all banners and signage

Lane Digital digital photography

Farners Insurance cash sponsor

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Spices provided all cajun seasonings for the tables

BAYOU Sponsors

RMG – Dr Pepper and 7 Up

Ebby Halliday – Jennifer Young along with Linda Young and Allison Kullenberg  – Coke and Diet Coke

  More images below. keep Scrolling


Cajun Crawfish Company – cooked crawfish

Passionately Rivaliscious – LSU merchandise

Lava Cantina- Venue


Lewis Neal – former LSU football Player –  (2003 National Champion football team)

Siraj Williams – former (LSU Track and Field – (NCAA Champion / 4-time All-American / NCAA Mideast Regional Champion / 2-time SEC Champion / 3-time All-SEC) and 2008 Olympic Team

 See more images from this event and get your complementary download HERE

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