If you are a business looking to grow, you should be planning every post. If you have your own Facebook or Instagram account, it’s probably filled with photos of your kids, dogs or friends. When you go to share pictures from your weekend at Disneyworld for your son’s birthday, you probably aren’t analyzing the caption, checking the hashtags or making sure the look and feel aligns with your feed “aesthetic.”

While social media is an amazing tool for personally connecting with friends and family near and far, it is also a critical business tool that shouldn’t be discounted. According to Global Web Index, more than one in three Internet users say they go to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product. While having a social media strategy is incredibly important, it doesn’t need to be scary, and it doesn’t need to take away from your brand’s authenticity. Here are five tips for developing a successful social media strategy.

1.Identify your audience. As you’ve developed your business, you probably already have a good handle on who your audience is, and what draws them to your service or product. Put your audience into defined buckets that you can target with your social media posts. For example, if your audience consists of parents, students and community leaders, define those audiences and rotate who you are speaking toin your posts. This will increase the impact and likelihood of engagement.

2.Set content goals. Not every post should have the same end goal. Outline a few different topics for your social media posts. For example, maybe some of your posts aim to educate your audience on your mission, while others are more geared towards showcasing the price benefits of your offerings versus your competitors. List out at least five different content goals and rotate them in your post strategy.

3.Tap into your community. In today’s saturated market, consumers highly value a brand that is involved locally. Use your social media platforms to promote community events and engage with local initiatives. Not only will this show that your business values community, but you may reach locals who otherwise may not have found your profile.

4.Mix up your content. Your social media feed shouldn’t be one-note. If it is, you’re at risk of losing followers and business. Rotate between different types of content–such as videos, photos and graphics–to keep your audience interested. Thanks to apps like Promo and Canva, you can create engaging, unique content on the fly.

5.Make it you! This is our final tip, and probably the most important. At your next office event, snap some photos and share them. Share recent reviews. Post a volunteer outing you went on. Engage with followers in the comments. After all, you can’t have social media without “social.” Consumers want to know that you are a business built by real people, not just a robotic brand guide. One great example of a brand that uses playful humor to connect with social media users is Netflix.

Overall, having a well-thought-out social media strategy will not only gain you more followers and increase your likes, but it will drive your target audiences to your business. If properly leveraged, social media can be a key player in growth and long-term success.

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