When you hear the word “audit,” you probably think about taxes and the IRS. We are talking about auditing your digital marketing presence. In order to build a successful, impactful strategy, you have to know where you stand, right? Taking a microscope to your own digital presence can help you build out effective sales funnelsand improve areas of weakness. Having a stellar digital presence doesn’t just impact your social media engagement, but it also impacts your bottom line. If built correctly, your web presence should do a majority of your selling for you!

Auditing of your digital marketing looks at many components of your web presence,from content, web errors, site speed, negative reviews, out of date information, and much more.To complete a comprehensive digital audit, we recommend taking a deep dive into the following areas:

1.Website. This is a broad bullet. Your website is your homebase for so much of your business –it is where people learn about you and your services before they ever step foot in your doors. While assessing your website functionality can be intimidating, we try to boil it down to these main areas for review: speed, content and site errors, search engineoptimization(SEO)rankingfor each page, image size/quality and URL quality.All these factors and more can greatly influence how your website performs on both desktop and mobile, and where you rank on search engines.

2.Competition Analysis.Understanding how you stack up digitally against your competition is critical. Yes, you may have more experience, better quality products, and many other pros, but if you aren’t marketing that well enough online, consumers won’t know that. Research and review internet search rankings,and what forms of marketing your competitorsare using whether its successfullyor unsuccessfully.

3.Reputation Management. You need to know what people are saying about you online, because potentialcustomers will absolutely seek it out. Take adeep look at your overall presence on the weband dig through any websites that have reviews (i.e. Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.). If you do find some not-so-flattering recent reviews, don’t just ignore it…respond! Take the time to develop a public response, and reach out to that customer privately as well, if you can. In addition to getting a handle on reviews, make sure that your information on third party sites is correct. We commonly see old addresses, phonenumbers or website links attached to business listings.

4.Social Media. At Lane Digital, we love utilizing social media for business and understand the potential it has to make or break a digital imprint! To audit your social media, we recommend an extensive look at all social media profiles. This includesinformation accuracy,analyzingthe current strategy(if you have one), contentquality, engagement, ads, targeting, and overall aesthetic.

5.Digital ads. Last but certainly not least, a deep analysis and evaluation of current digital advertising campaigns is critical for a comprehensive audit. Take a look at which ads where successful, which weren’t, and make notes as to why. Are the ads hitting your target audiences? Are they within the correct location range? Could you increase your per-click spend to secure a higher ranking? All these questions will help you paint a picture of your digital ad strategy, and therefore your overall web presence.

If conducting an audit on your own just isn’t realistic, we offer comprehensive digital presence audits for $250 refunded completely when you sign up for any monthly service. Email lacy@lanedig.com for details.